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Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with Arts on the Lake [06 Mar 2008|07:39am]


Irish Open Mouth Night at Arts On The Lake

Friday, March 14th 2008 at 8 PM
At the Cultural Center on Lake Carmel
Write for reservations
Or call: (845) 225-AOTL

“Come in. Come in,” Paddy called out from behind the gleaming oak bar.

So, what‘il ya have?” he asked with a twinkle in his eye as the crowd entered under the thatched roof of the shebeen and seated themselves around several round tables.

“It’s stories, ya want, is it? And songs, ya say? Poetry, too, heh? Well,y’er in fer it t’night,” Paddy said as he swiped at an invisible smudge on the polished wood.

Kate Hoekstra and Neil Hickey

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Anyone ever been to the Germanfests in Putnam Valley [19 Jul 2007|05:57pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

Just joined this community. Not sure if anyone's actually out there since there hasn't been a post in a quite a while.

I was wondering if anyone has ever been to any of the Germanfests at the German American club in Putnam Valley. I missed last year's but am planning on hitting up the Beerfest this Sunday (i'm hoping for "Das Boot!" :p). Anyone know if its any good?

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DOGS - Help them [03 May 2005|07:19pm]

[ mood | crushed ]

500 Dogs to Die! (posted 5/1/05)

The greyhound track in Plainfield, CT
voted on April 26th that they would discontinue greyhound racing. Unfortunately
- and heartbreakingly - they've also decided that rescuers have only two weeks
to get the dogs out, and any dogs remaining at the track on May 14th will be
euthanized. This is a monumental task because there are at least 500 dogs
currently at the track. These are all young, healthy dogs, 2-4 years of age, who
would make great family pets.


to http://www.dakinshelter.org/news.html
for contact info about how to adopt/donate/help, or email me at
musicinthedark@hotmail.com and i can set you up with some information.

this is really important to me and obviously at least 500 dogs out
there. please help out!



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Some random things I found on Putnam topics I was searching. [18 Mar 2005|01:56pm]


There are 4 NYS
DEC Multiple Use Areas in Kent (Pudding Street, California
Hill, Big Buck and White Pond
) and the Mount Nimham State Forest occupies
more than 1000 acres in the heart of this beautiful place. At the top of Mount
Nimham is NY state's tallest remaining fire tower (90')
which is currently undergoing
. Views from its cabin encompass 75 miles in all directions -
from the Empire State Building in the south, the Catskills to the northwest and
the Berkshires in the northeast.

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[11 Mar 2005|07:34pm]

Hi, my name's Lauren Hallion, and I'm part of the Continuity of Close Relationships project, a dating study sponsored by the National Institute of Health. We're located at Bard College, and we're studying over 100 teenage dating couples in the Mid-Hudson Valley. Are you eligible?
-You and your partner have been together for a month or longer
-Either you or your partner are a junior or senior in high school. The other can be any age at all.
-Either your parents or your partner's parents are still married
-You're willing to talk to your partner on videotape and fill out a few surveys
-You and your partner would like to make $35 cash each

Are you interested, or do you know someone that might be? My e-mail address is lh418@bard.edu, and my phone number is (845) 752-5112. Or you can visit our website: inside.bard.edu/ccr. I'm happy to talk to anyone that might be interested, and answer any questions you, your partner, or your parents might have.
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[19 Feb 2005|10:40pm]


wow... there's a putnam county community... this excites me. there's one for my school but no one posts on it. so anyway i live in carmel!!!! very exciting i know. i think the whole rivalries with brewster and mahopac are gay, in anycase... this is me


wow... how exciting. blah... so any guys who can drive, feel like getting to know me... that'd be nice.

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Regional Planning in Putnam County [04 Feb 2005|12:41pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

I think this is rather funny. I've just been reading some of the past posts in this group and people do not like Putnam County at all... big surprise right? Well for me, it's not just the boredom of being home, I'm an Urban Planning major at the University at Albany. Putnam County was the focus on my most recent paper, the topic covered was the planning techniques of a sprawling suburb. When I was writing this paper, I was thinking about the county as a whole, not just the Carmel, Kent area where I reside for four months of the year.
I see this place as having an interesting positive-negative aspect. The county is a mix of rural/suburbia. It hosts as bedroom communities for the workforces of Danbury, CT, White Plains and of course, New York City. Twenty years from now, some of us will find ourselves back in that area and it's going to be a lot different than it is today. A lot of the beauty and nature that most people in my age group oversee, will be turned into large houses with 2 car garages and the manicured front and back yards.
I know that the lack of commercial entities makes the place rather boring for most people reading this but if you like the outdoors, or hiking, Putnam County is your home. We have a beautiful state park with 2 lakes, 4 ponds, part of the Appalachian Trail, and a campground. There's the Ninham Mountain Multiple Use Area which features a pond, and a couple trails, my favorite part is going up the watchtower at the top and looking out at everything. There's the Buddhist monastery in Kent that contains the largest Buddha in the Western hemisphere which attracts people from all over the country, if not world.
Putnam County has been rapidly changing. It's hold the title as the 5th fastest growing county in New York State. Soon, it will probably look like the rest of suburbia. And by the way, I don't take the I'm bored excuse anymore...the entire county is capable of getting to different Metro North stations which can take you right down to New York City. I think a lot of people like to settle on "I'm bored" before they actually use their minds to think of something creative to do. For me, that's the city so I can hook up with friends from college.
I don't know, I guess my point is that although many of us don't like the area, and I know I have plenty of problems there, we may actually miss it when it all looks the same as everywhere else. Maybe this is all the planning nerd coming out of me but if you think about it, there will be people our age that will decide to settle down and live here. And it won't be the same.
Anyway, sorry about the random post, but I had to get it off my mind. I thought my paper was going to turn out with a very negative perspective of the region, which it has plenty of, but there was a lot more positive than I ever thought...what I want to know is how fellow planning major Chuck Johnson's paper about the area turned out since we both grew up and graduated together in Carmel. Haha, now that's small world.
By the way, Putnam County is not as cold as the Capital Region and in Putnam County, you basically don't have to worry about being shot, where you kind of have to in Albany. And there are much more boring areas than Putnam where there's no train to get to NYC. So consider yourselves lucky.
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[25 Oct 2004|09:42pm]

this background picture...it really describes putnam county.


although Carmel is like New York City compared to place like Dover.
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[10 Sep 2004|10:17pm]

Hello fellow putnam people. I'm emilia & from mahopac. Thought i'd share with you that i just started 9th grade-whoopie. I actually really have no fucking clue why i joined this shit, but here i am
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welcome me... [31 Aug 2004|09:10pm]

[ mood | energetic ]

hey everyone. im nick....from putnam valley....there is no apparent reason for me joining this....very bored here on this i think tuesday night a week before schools starts...well im 14 and in 9th grade...semms like either everyone is having a great summer or everyone forgot about this community cuz no1 updated for awhile. is any1 on a school jv soccer team?? cuz i am and i might verse u sumtime but anyway, bye.

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in case you might be wondering..... [10 Jun 2004|04:53pm]

[ mood | crappy ]

i updated the polka dot paint job purevolume website today go here...


songs are "Call Me If You Care" it's a Spaztic Habits "cover" and is much better quality than the last one that was up there. we'll be playing an open mic night on saturday at halbane HS like apatheticalli said in that earlier post.
"Jill" a song we wrote for Jill's 20th b-day
"Monica" a song we wrote for Monica's graduation party
please go and give a listen... and if you like it enough you can d/l them. these are my other bands incase you wanna hear them too.



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Open Mic, shiznap! [06 Jun 2004|06:12pm]

[ mood | bored ]

What: Garrison Art Center/Haldane High School Open Mic Night

Who: Show up, sign up...you're in!

Where: Haldane High School, 15 Craigside Drive, Cold Spring, NY 10516

When: This Saturday, 6/12/04...8:00-10:30 PM

I'll be there...so you should go as well. ^_^;;

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[02 Jun 2004|01:53am]
[ mood | curious ]

anyone in this community live in "nelsonville" my friend matt and i were randomly driving through this town and were like wtf? its around cold spring.

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PCNY [01 Jun 2004|02:41pm]

[ mood | annoyed ]

Hi, I'm new. Lmao this is a pretty sexy idea for a livejournal community. Putnam County really sucks, but it's fun to pretend it's cool.

I'm from Brewster. Wait...The Town of Southeast? That always confuses me. Whatever. Whoever decided to name one town two different things was smoking something at the time, I think.

I'm lucky enough to go to school in CT. Maybe not that lucky because Middlebury might be even worse than Brewster. Anyway, Hi to all you guys.

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Okay peeps on a serious note... [21 May 2004|04:26am]

[ mood | contemplative ]

On June 25th there is going to be a benefit get together / concert at Tina's Bar right over near Stormville. My band (SpaZtic HaBits) will be playing as well as other entertainment. All of the proceeds will be going to help my friend Kevin Piscini who recently contracted Lymphatic Cancer, with his medical bills. It would be greatly appreciated if we could get a decent crowd out there. It'll be a cool party. Thanks.

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[20 May 2004|08:15pm]

hi im brittany and im from brewster. im a sophmore at brewster high

i joined this cuz im cool like that.
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[19 May 2004|11:48pm]

im eva and i live in mahopac and i go to kennedy in somers. just wanted to say hi. i dont really know why i joined this shit, becasue nothing ever goes on here. so theres going to be no reason for me to post here. but maybe... just maybe, something intersting will happen.
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[01 May 2004|02:43pm]

[ mood | sick ]

well my name is david or big red. My parents just bought a house in Lake Carmel and we are moving during the summer but I might not go, being that i'm going to be 18 and going to colege. any way thats about it. you can im me if you need anything else

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[11 Apr 2004|03:06pm]

[ mood | bored ]

hey everyone.... im from southern dutchess county.... i was just wondering if there is anything fun to do in putnam county. im into alot of different types of music, ska, punk, hardcore, rock.... i also enjoy just hanging out at local coffee hsops.. if anyone knows of any good hsows, or any fun places to go and chill... even to take photographs.... let me know.... thanks a bunch.
<3 candi <3

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[08 Apr 2004|04:33pm]

hey i'm kelly. i'll be moving up to carmel over the summer (not by choice) and figured i'd join this community to maybe meet some new people. i'm 20, almost 21 and i go to iona college. i'm majoring in elementary education. so yeah. that's my story. oh yeah, if anyone wants to add me just let me know. i'll add ya back.
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